Below are the core principles which guide our relationship with our clients, regulators, the courts /tribunals and our colleagues. These principles reflect what is most important to us and what we strive to achieve in our work. Each member of the firm reflects on these principles from time to time. Indeed, prior to taking any action, the principles are considered to determine whether the action to be taken is in the best interest of the client first and foremost then that of the firm.


  • The interests of our clients come first, always.

  • Our key assets are our “People” and “Reputation”, without these, Acuitas cannot exist.

  • We strive to provide imaginative and creative solutions towards addressing our clients’ challenges.

  • We pride ourselves in recruiting the very best lawyers, irrespective of age, sex, tribe or religion.

  • “Integrity” and “Honesty” are key watchwords at Acuitas, as such, our people maintain high ethical standards at all times.

  • We take great pride in teamwork and we strive to ensure that we work together towards achieving our clients’ goals and ultimately, success for the firm.